Between Commencement Bay and the city of Tacoma, Washington, lies the town of Ruston.  Ruston began its existence as a company town for a smelter and refining company, but there are few traces of that industrial beginning now.  Fewer than 1,000 residents call this scenic area home, but with redevelopment, the population could double over the next decade or so.

Now home to one of the largest municipal parks in the nation, Point Defiance Park with its beautiful zoo, Ruston takes full advantage of its waterfront by connecting eight of its parks with a multi-use trail dotted with restaurants, cafes and interesting shops and services.  Walkers, joggers, skaters and cyclists enjoy the view as they log the miles.  Or they can travel down to one of several beaches along Ruston Way and fish or even scuba dive!

The business district of North Pearl Street is unique in that it is in Ruston along one side of the street and Tacoma on the other.  However, the two areas blend so well you would never know you are changing towns when you cross the street.   This part of town is truly a “business park” lined with cafes and shops interspersed with rose gardens.  Folks of all ages enjoy an afternoon at the zoo or a session on go-karts, or attend one of the frequent community events.

Along the waterfront you can scoop up a condo and townhome for $500,000 to just under $2,000,000, many of them with magnificent views of Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier.  Single-family homes just inland generally range from around $200,000 to near $800,000.

You might come for the views, but chances are you’ll stay for the community.  Ruston might just be your favorite part of Puget Sound.